Harvest Hit – Nov 1-3

Hi Everyone:
I would like to invite you all to participate in our annual Harvest Hit Doubles Squash Tournament on Nov. 1-3 hosted by the Pickering Squash Club.  The registration deadline is on Sunday Oct. 27th at 12:00.  You must register on the Squash Ontario website:


They have a new tournament registration program so please register early so that you don’t miss the deadline!  This year our tournament events are Men’s B, Men’s C, Women’s B, Women’s C and Mixed B.  Players may play in two events as long as court time permits so register early!   The registration fee includes a tournament souvenir, licenced bar, our famous samosas on Friday night and lunch on Saturday.  This is a great opportunity to get some competitive matches, improve your game and have some fun!  All tournament info is posted on the website so please go check it out and I hope to see you all in a couple weeks.  
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Nicole Pirko 

Doubles Courts 10th Anniversary – Sept 21st

Hi Everyone,I hope to see everyone on Saturday for our 10th year anniversary of the doubles courts.  Here is the schedule of events…

Singles courts round robin – everyone welcome to play!
Junior lessons with Pat and Praveen
Doubles lessons with Jamie Bentley – players have already signed up but everyone is welcome to watch

Memorial plaque presentation
Guest speeches including Mayor Dave Ryan and Squash Ontario

Doubles exhibition featuring World Top Players Robin Clark, Will Mariani, Fred Reid Jr., Scott Arnold

2:30 on…
Doubles and Singles courts open for play.  Please be sure to bring all your stuff if you would like to play!

Party at Liverpool John’s Bar and Restaurant with Live Band Blue Thumb Envy.  First 50 people will get a free drink ticket!

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Summer Doubles Squash Championship Evening

From Aymen, Summer Doubles League Convener.

Good morning lads and Lasses, 

Congratulations to all of you on an awesome Summer season, with a breaking participation record of 12 teams in one house league!

Congratulations to Vince & Louie on a very well deserved victory. All your hard work was paid off with your win in the finals match on Thursday (September 12th). Quote: “You don’t always get what you wish for… But you get what you work for”. Results:

Championship Match
Consolation Finals
Tinners Finals

We had a great roaring crowd in the finals match – mainly Louie’s family and friends, and they made the doubles courts shake hard!Attached are some photos taken at the event. 

Thank you all for a great fun time at the doubles Squash courts.

Editors Note: Thank you Aymen for organizing the Summer Doubles League. You showed that members want it and did a fine job of convening it.

PSC Food Bank Golf Tournament another Great Success.

PSC Volunteers, Kevin Cahill, Nicole Pirko, Susan Bruce, Jey Ratnasingam, Kim Cahill, Lorne Shiele, Joan Hill and Terry Bruce

Now in it’s 17th year, the 2019 Pickering Squash Club Golf Tournament in Support of The St. Paul’s on the Hill Food Bank has hit another Hole-In-One. This year we raised over $9,000 for the Food Bank. That will go directly to buying milk and other staples for those in need and struggling to feed their families.

Over the last 10 years of support to the Food Bank, the tournament has managed to raise well over $100,000.

Thank you to all who participated by playing and a huge thank you to those who gave their time to help run the event. This would not be the success it is without volunteers.

Save the Date

– Saturday September 21st 2019

In September of 2009, the Pickering Squash Club and The Pickering Recreation Complex celebrated the opening of the Pickering Doubles Squash Courts. In honour of this 10 year anniversary, The Pickering Squash Club is throwing a party to celebrate this momentous event.

There will be Professional Matches, Junior Matches, Demonstrations, Presentations, Music, Food and Liquid Refreshments. All will be culminated with a party at a local Pub. Watch here for the details coming soon.

Don’t miss it. Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 21st 1:00 PM on.

2019 Spring Doubles H.L. – Finals Results

May 15th was the doubles house league finale’ with many great matches.
Results were as follows: 
1- “Go for Gold” finals match Team (Jim & Juan) defeated team (Dan & Vince) 3-1 Score: 15/7, 4/15, 15/13, 15/8 
2- “Bronze” finals match Team (David S. & Devon) defeated team (David A & Peter) 3-1 Score: 10/15, 15/10, 15/12, 15/11 
3- “Consolation” finals match Team (Aymen & Sorin) defeated team (Adam W. & Shan) 3-2 Score: 10/15, 15/6, 8/15, 15/8, 15/14 
4- “Tinners” finals matchTeam (Jonathan & Deb) defeated team (Marc & Zora) 3-0Score: not recorded 

Congratulations to team (Jim & Juan), and best of luck to the rest of the teams in the next league.You’re all great, and the attached pictures are great! There’s a growing interest in having another doubles house league in summer 2019, preferably next month.The majority have chosen “Monday” to play in.

Vince, Dan, Aymen and Juan
David A. , Peter, Devon and Shan.
Jonathan, Deb, Zora and Marc.

The PSC Family Comes out to help Clean-up at the Parsons/Brown Farm

On Saturday, May 4th, about 30 members of The Club and members of Chris Brown’s family, came out to Pontypool to help Chris with cleaning the workshops, stable, garage and grounds around the Farm. Led by Kevin Cahill and Tom Quinn in the fields and barns and Kim Cahill in the Kitchen feeding the group, the jobs were completed quickly. Here are some pics of the day.

This was a great example of how the PSC is not just about Squash but is more about being an extended family. We can be proud of the Club we all love.

2019 Shin-Dig Tourney Finals

Congratulations to Heather and Peter for winning the Main Draw over Finalists Anoop and Fred (subbing for Jonathan) .

Congratulations to Jim and Felipe for winning the Consolation Draw over Finalists Mark and Ganish.

Congratulations to Hazel and Marc for winning the Tinners Draw over Finalists Howie and Deb (subbing for Jey).

See below for the complete draw.

Ian Parsons Master Class on living your best life

Ian Parsons October 2008

At Ian’s Celebration of Life on Saturday March 30th, Chris’s daughters, Meghan and Shauna gave a wonderful talk based on the philosophy of our great friend Ian. Here it is.

If Ian offered a master class on living your best life, this would be the curriculum:

* You don’t have to grow up if you don’t want to.

* When it comes to ice cream, resistance is futile

* Bugs are your friends.

* Be eccentric now. Don’t wait to be old to wear a Tasmanian devil shirt

* Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will, stay in touch.

* Its never too late to meet your soul mate

* Be you, be genuine.

* Love unconditionally

* Your children only get one childhood. Make it memorable

* Don’t take yourself seriously, no one else does

* Saturday mornings are for monster pancakes and remote control cars

* You are never too young to drive a tractor

* Maple syrup is the 5th food group. Its like franks red hot – you put that shit on everything. Or in everything

* Life is too short to waste time hating anyone

* Collect the souvenirs. One can never have too many mugs, salt and pepper shakers, and figurines

* There is always a purpose for every old vacuum (pause) and teapot

* never believe what you see on the outside

* you can eventually break a dietician to buy chips and eat them

* be an encyclopedia , you’ll need that when you have grandkids. Or keep 4 sets of them in your basement

* Eat the pie – pecan pie. Sorry, pe-caan pie. Pee can is what you keep under the bed.

* Love the earth.

* Pick a former club champion to be your two man partner. To clafiry, Golf two man partner.

* Even when your breaks fail, you can still finish route 66.

* Collect friends, like figurines. Never get rid of them.

* Never blame anyone in life. The good people give you happiness. The worst people give you a lesson. The best people give you memories.

* The key to a good wine deal is to find a rating over 90 under the price of 20 dollars.

* You can find a use for everything. Even tomatoes. Why grow them if you don’t eat them?

* Every problem can be solved. Accept the challenge and surprise everyone.

* Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

* Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift

Ian embodied all of these things. He was kind and caring. He welcomed everyone in to his life and his home. He was compassionate, patient and made you feel at ease.

He makes us want to be a better person.

Our parting words are : be the things you loved most about Ian and put some maple syrup in it.