2022 Harvest Hit Tournament

Our first Tournament in two and a half years happened on the weekend of October 14th to 16th. A great time was had by all. Below you will see the smiling faces of many of the participants.

Mixed B Doubles Finals – Nicole Pirko & Steve Dizig over Katie Bewley & Mike Tanner
Mixed B Doubles Consolation 2 – Manu Dutt & Jennifer Curry over Rob Parsons & Danielle LeBlanc
Women’s B Finals – Brenda Forbes & Katie Bewley over Erica Jewett & Danielle LeBlanc
Women’s B Consolation – Yan Chin & Younghee Oh over Deb Macdonnell & Caryn Rankine
Men’s C Finals – Henky Halim & Raul Sinimae over Roger Tieche & Jonathan Puddy
Men’s C Playoff – Savio Dias & Joe Butchey over Geordie Smith & Rob Ashall
Men’s C Consolation – Jim DeLouchry & Mark LaFontaine over Nav Sharma & Vince Ditta

You can see the full draw results by CLICKING HERE

If you have pictures of the tournament that you would like included, please forward them to Terry @ Pickeringsquash.com