Singles House League

Singles House League

2022 Fall Singles House League starts Monday Sept 19th, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the 2022 Fall Monday Night House League!

The league will start on Monday SEPTEMBER. 19th.  Please take a few minutes to read the house league rules and guidelines so this season will run as smoothly as possible. 

1.   Each week, I will be sending out the match schedule on Sunday evening by approx. 7pm.  Your scheduled time each week will typically remain the same but please be sure to double check your time each week in case there is a small time change due to level/ranking movement and court availability.  I have listed each player and your approximate match time below so everyone has an idea of what time they will play the first week so you can plan accordingly.    

4. If you cannot make your match on any given Monday, you need to let me know before I send out the match schedule for that week.  If you send me a quick email and let me know you won’t be available for your next house league match, I won’t schedule you a match and there will be no penalty (which is usually just an annoying sigh from me:).  If you can’t make your match and fail to let me know before I send out the schedule (Sunday by 7pm), you will default your match with a 3-0 loss.  If this happens numerous times, I will have to take you off the house league list.  Don’t worry if you can’t make it,  I will be sure to get your opponent a match on Monday when they show up!  Bottom line: Send me an email before Sunday at 5pm if you cannot play your next house league match!!

6. I will post a score sheet on the board outside court 4 for you to record your weekly results.  It is the winner’s responsibility to record the score.  The scores help me to keep an accurate ranking list so I can set you up with a competitive match each week.   

7. All house league matches will be the best 3 out of 5 games to 15 points.

8.  I will be scheduling the weekly matches based on your results each week.  If you want to move up to the next level, feel free to challenge anyone at the next level.   If you win, I will have you switch positions.    

9. There will be some level movement each week as I do my very best to get everyone a competitive match.  Please remember, this is house league (not the World Championships) and some weeks you may have an easier match while other weeks may be tougher.  It is important to remember that the goal is for everyone to get a good workout and enjoy playing and meeting fellow members.  

With everyone’s cooperation this will be a very successful house league season!  

You will receive an email on Sunday Feb. 27th – with your opponent and match time.  Please let me know before 5pm on Sunday Oct. 17th if you can’t make your match on the 18th!!

See everyone on the courts and don’t forget to check our club website for all upcoming events (

The Fall 2022 Singles House League Schedule

Level 1  – 8:
1.     Kevin Cahill    
2.     Roger T    
3.     Alex M    
4.     Colin M    
Level 2 – 8:
1.     Kevin Klinger    
2.     Andres O    
3.     Winston L    
4.     Juan S    
Level 3  – 7:301.2.3.4.
1.  Devon R    
2. Aidan H    
3. Joe M    
4. Nav s    
Level 4  – 7:301.2.3.4.
1.  Gehan    
2. Alison    
3. Craig    
4. Shan    
Level 5  – 6:501.2.3.4.
1.  Arslan    
2. Kevin E    
3. Aaron F    
4. Sara- Jane    
Level 6  – 6:501.2.3.4.
1. Karan    
2. Feizel    
3. Gary I    
4. Ishet    
Level 7  – 6:501.2.3.4.
1. Jim D    
2. Mohammad    
3. David S    
4. Vinay    
Level 8  – 6:
1. Moe Z    
2. Malcolm    
3. Joanie    
4. Sheldon    
Level 9  – 6:
1. Jamil    
2. Sam    
3. katrin    
4. Gurjit    
Level 10  – 6:
1. Philloza    
2. Maddy    
3. Ranya    
4. Alex    
Level 11  – 5:301.2.3.4.
1. Chris M    
2. Saquib    
3. Kathy F    
4. Linda    
Level 12  – 5:301.2.3.4.
1. Tracy    
2. Jen D    
3. Ritu    
4. Kevin    
Level 13  – 5:301.2.3.4.
1. Shanawar    
2. Alan    
3. Jacci    
4. Kim M    
Sub List
1. Jason Vanular – level 1 and 2 –
2. Alan Cornish – level 1 and 2 – 
3. Noor Zubair – level 1 and 2 –
4. Jerry Durant – level 7, 8, 9 – 
5.     Rayn Malik – level 9 and 10 – 
6.     Hilary McMahon – level 12 and 13 –
7.     Hazel Kenny-Wilson – level 3, 4, 5 –  

Week 1- Monday Sept. 19th – 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4

Week 2 – Monday Sept. 26th – 4 vs 2, 1 vs 3

Week 3- Monday Oct. 3rd – 4 vs 1, 2 vs 3

Nicole Pirko