Singles House League

Singles House League

Welcome to the 2024 Winter Monday Night Singles House League! The league started on Monday Jan. 15th. Please take a few minutes to read the house league rules and guidelines.

2024 Winter Singles House League Rules and Guidelines

  1. All players must be a member of the Pickering Squash Club (forms are attached to this email) as well as the Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex.
  2. I have placed everyone into groups of 4 players and you will be scheduled to play each player in your group over the next 3 weeks. The order of who you play within your group and the time will be listed on the schedule.
  3. In three weeks time, once you have played everyone in your group, I will be rearranging each group. The top players (with the highest game scores) in each group will move up to the next level while the bottom players (with the lowest game score) in each group will move down a level. I will then send out the new schedule for the next 3 weeks.
  4. If you cannot make your match, it will be up to you to find a sub (of a similar level) OR you will get a score of zero for that week. Feel free to contact a friend to replace you for that evening or contact a player that plays in the earlier time slot to see if they can play twice that evening. Please send me an email if you can’t make it and are unable to find a sub! Do not email your opponent because I will still get them a match but they will automatically get the 3-0 win for showing up. A sub will contribute to your overall score so please do your best to find a sub if you cannot make it! Finding a sub will be your responsibility.
  5. Matches will be the best 3 out of 5 games to 15 points. You will get 1 point for every game you win. Please be on time for your match! Our schedule is full and I cannot guarantee you finish your match if you show up late which will result in a loss of the games not played.
  6. I will have a score sheet posted on the board across from court 4. It is the winner’s responsibility to record the score after the match is played.
  7. You cannot rearrange your match for another evening. All matches must be played on the scheduled day. This may seem a little harsh but most players have scheduled Monday evenings for squash and it can become very frustrating when all their opponents start trying to switch around the schedule.

With everyone’s cooperation this will be a very successful house league season!
I look forward to seeing you all on the courts,


Current Schedule

Week 1- Monday Feb 12th – 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4

Monday Feb. 19th – Bye week for everyone – 

No house league due to family day (club is closed in the evening)

Week 2 – Monday Feb. 26th – 4 vs 2, 1 vs 3

Week 3 – Monday March 4th – 4 vs 1, 2 vs 3

Level 1 – 5:30 – contact your opponent and reschedule if you can’t make it for this group1.2.3.4.
1.   Kiril    
2.   Andrew    
3.   Jim P    
4.   Shane    
Level 2 – 5:30 – contact your opponent and reschedule if you can’t make it for this group1.2.3.4.
1.   Colin    
2.   Aidan    
3.   Juan    
4.   Anderson    
Level 3  – 8:
1.  Adam    
2. Greg    
3. Andres    
4. Alison    
Level 4  – 8:
1.  Haseeb    
2. Jordan    
3. Ryan     
4. Arslan    
Level 5  – 7:301.2.3.4.
1.  Nav    
2. Sara-Jane    
3. Marko    
4. Naveen    
Level 6  – 7:301.2.3.4.
1. Jamie    
2. Hatim    
3. Ashwin    
4. Mark    
Level 7  – 7:301.2.3.4.
1. Aneel    
2. Prasanna    
3. Mohammed    
4. Sudhish    
Level 8  – 6:501.2.3.4.
1. Deb    
2. Sunil    
3. Katrin    
4. Dan    
Level 9  – 6:501.2.3.4.
1. Gurjit    
3. Eli    
4. Bruce    
Level 10  – 6:501.2.3.4.
1. Megan    
2. Sam    
3. Philloza    
4. Raj    
Level 11  – 6:
1. Keith    
2. Carol    
3. Syra    
4. James    
Level 12 – 6:
1. Kathy    
2. Jen    
3. Shefali    
4. Max    
Level 13  – 6:
1. Avinash    
2. Shirley    
3. Alan    
4. Saniyah