Court Closures in June: New Carpet!

Courts will be closed on the following dates for carpet installation:

  1. June 3 and 4 – both doubles squash courts closed all day
  2. June 5 and 6 – courts 1 and 2 closed all day
  3. June 7 squash courts 3 – 6 and racquetball courts 7 – 8 closed all day

Please note: for any of our squash members that also play racquetball, as of Wednesday, June 26 through until Sunday, September 8 racquetball court #7 will be unavailable for booking.

Racquetball court #8 will remain available for bookings throughout the summer.

Join Us for the Ian Parsons Doubles Squash Courts Naming Ceremony, Saturday, April 27th at noon!

Invitation to the Naming Ceremony of the Ian Parsons Doubles Squash Court April 27, 2024 at noon in the doubles courts.

Dear Squash Community,

We cordially invite you to join us for the special naming ceremony of our Ian Parsons Doubles Squash Courts.

For those who may not have had the privilege of knowing Ian, he was a visionary who understood the importance of doubles squash and its benefits, especially for aging squash players.

Ian Parsons

His “Doubles Vision” project was a testament to his dedication, spanning over ten years of fundraising efforts, with a $250,000 contribution from the Pickering Squash Club to the City, planning, and construction. In 2009, his vision became a reality with the opening of the doubles courts. Ian Parsons was not only a beloved member of our club but also a true leader who left an indelible mark on our squash community.

Today, thanks to Ian’s vision, the doubles courts are bustling with activity and the game is growing. The Pickering Squash Club hosts various tournaments, leagues, OSDL matches, and fun events, including our upcoming Shin-Dig tournaments starting this week. We are all able to enjoy the game and its numerous health benefits because of Ian’s dedication and foresight.

Ian was not only a visionary but also a wonderful, caring, and compassionate individual who is deeply missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Along with Ian’s family, friends, City Council and our members, please join us at Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex (in the doubles court viewing area) on Sat. April 27th at 12:00 noon for this very special event in naming our very own Ian Parsons Doubles Squash Courts

Your presence would mean a great deal to us as we pay tribute to Ian’s legacy and celebrate his invaluable contributions to our squash community.

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🏆🥇 A Week Packed with Squash Excitement!🥇🏆

Get ready for an action-packed week ahead at the squash club, with a lineup of events that’s sure to keep you on your toes! It’s all about doubles this week as we dive into the heart of the playoffs and celebrate the incredible contributions of one of our own.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Monday, April 22nd: Division 1 Squash Doubles House League Semi-Finals kick off the week with intense matches and fierce competition. Don’t miss the showdown as our top teams battle it out for a spot in the finals! Teams will be playing at 6pm and 7pm.
  • Tuesday, April 25th, the top two teams in our Division 2 doubles house league will battle it out for first place. Dayan and Shan will play against Mark and Winston.
  • Wednesday, April 24th – Saturday, April 27th: The highly anticipated super-fun Shin-dig Doubles Squash Tournament takes center stage, promising four days of thrilling matches and friendly competition. Matches begin Wednesday at 5:30 and will continue to about 9pm.
  • Saturday, April 27th: It’s a day filled with festivities as we honor the legacy of Ian Parsons with the naming ceremony of the Ian Parsons Doubles Squash Courts at noon. Later in the evening, join us for the annual banquet at Drums ‘n Flats for dinner, drinks, and celebrations with our fellow squash enthusiasts and friends.

But wait, there’s more:

  • Monday, April 29th: Division 1 Squash Doubles House League Finals mark the culmination of an exciting season of competition, where the top teams will battle it out for the championship title.
  • Wednesday, May 1st: The excitement continues for Division 3 Squash Doubles House League as they play their Finals, rounding off our week of squash celebrations.

And don’t forget:

  • Mondays: If you’re into singles squash, come join us for the drop-in round-robin matches every Monday night. It’s a great way to stay active and connect with fellow players.

With such a busy and exciting week ahead, there’s something for everyone at the squash club. We can’t wait to see you on the courts and celebrate the spirit of squash together!

🏆🥇 Division 1 Squash Doubles House League Semi-Finals – Monday, April 22nd 🥇🏆

As some of you know, our Division one teams are made up of some of the clubs best doubles players. With the stakes higher than ever, our top teams are poised to battle it out on the courts for a shot at the house league championship title.

Here are the matchups for the semi-finals:

Court 1 – 6:00 PM:

  • First Place vs Fourth Place:
    • Raj and Sameer vs Steve and Rick

Court 2 – 6:00 PM:

  • Second Place vs Third Place:
    • Jonathan and Savio vs Kevin and Eric

Court 1 – 7:00 PM:

  • Fifth Place vs Eighth Place:
    • Mike and Eric vs Fred and Mark

Court 2 – 7:00 PM:

  • Sixth Place vs Seventh Place:
    • Roger and Devon vs Trevor and Dom

It’s sure to be an evening filled with intense matches, nail-biting rallies, and fierce competition as our teams vie for a spot in the finals. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

And mark your calendars for the finals on Monday, April 29th, where the top contenders will face off for the ultimate title.

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2024 Shin-Dig Tournament Draw and Rules

Dear Participants,

Welcome to the highly anticipated Shin-dog Doubles Squash Tournament!

Below you will find your time for your first round match, which begins for everyone on Wednesday. Each participant has been assigned a partner for the duration of the tournament. Everyone will play a minimum of 3 matches over 4 days (Wed.-Sat).  Draw sheets are posted by the doubles courts so you can have a look. 

Please be on time for your match as it will be a tight schedule.  If you cannot make your match, please see the sub list below, ask a friend to fill in for you or ask another player at a similar level to play.  Do your very best to find your own sub!   

Shin-Dig Rules

* Games are best of 5
* First game – score starts at zero/zero
* Second game – losing team starts with 3 points and the serve!!
* Third game – losing team from second game gets 3 point handicap and
the serve (ie; 6/0 or 0/0)
* Etc. etc.

Wednesday Draw

Game 1

Steve D & Darryl S
Wed. 6:30 PM
Dayan & Jackie

Game 2

Savio & Naveen
Wed. 5:30 PM
Winston & Caryn R

Game 3

Devon & Gurjit
Wed. 7:15 PM
Anderson & David S

Game 4

Alison & Sunil
Wed. 8:00 PM
Roger & Raj

Game 5

Celine & Dan
Wed. 7:15 PM
Terry & Ashwin

Game 6

Dom & Carol
Wed. 8:00 PM
Kitt & Jason P

Game 7

Jonathan & Sorin
Wed. 5:30 PM
Vince & John K

Game 8

Sara-Jane & Nav
Wed. 6:30 PM
Sameer & Max


  • Jim
  • Wayne
  • Hazel

Exciting Events Ahead – Mark Your Calendars!

Get ready for an action-packed few weeks filled with thrilling events that you won’t want to miss!

Doubles “Shin-Dig” Tournament:

Join us from Wednesday, April 26th to Saturday, April 29th for our doubles “Shin-Dig” tournament! We’ll kick off the evening matches with paired-up teams, ensuring a level playing field for everyone. If you would like to participate, simply shoot Nicole a quick email, and you’ll be added to the list while we still have space!

Our Annual Banquet!

Celebration at Drums ‘N Flats. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 27th, as we gather at Drums ‘N Flats for an unforgettable celebration! Enjoy a delightful evening with our fellow squash player, filled with dinner, drinks, live music, and fantastic prizes. Bring a friend or your significant other! Tickets are just $25 each, so let us know if you’d like to secure your spot!

Ian Parsons Doubles Squash Courts Naming Ceremony

Join us on Saturday, April 27th, at 12:00 noon for the official renaming ceremony of our Doubles Squash Courts to the Ian Parsons Doubles Squash Courts.  Please come out and show your appreciation for all of Ian’s hard work and dedication to build these courts for our club.  

Monday Night Drop-In Round Robin

Although our singles house league has concluded, the fun doesn’t stop there! Join us for our Monday night drop-in round robin starting this week, from 6:30 to 7:30. No need to sign up in advance—simply show up and enjoy some friendly competition!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at these exciting events as we celebrate the spirit of squash and camaraderie within our community.

Thank You For the Donation

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you VERY MUCH to all who have donated so generously with food and funds to the St Paul’s on the Hill Food Bank, located on Pickering Parkway, serving the needs of many families across the City of Pickering and Town of Ajax. We are extremely pleased to inform you this past Friday Dec 08 we delivered 2 full large containers (approx 250 pounds) of the various food types, along with over $1,200 in cheques (estimate total $1,500 including direct e-transfers) in funds to the food bank. On behalf of Lindsey Morrill (Food Bank Director), Rick D’Souza and myself (Pickering Squash Club), a sincere THANK YOU for your continued support of our community in need. 

Best of the season, happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you and loved ones. 

Kind regards,

Rick D’Souza & Fred Dizig

Pickering Squash Club

Markus Templer – 1975-2022 R.I.P.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a member of the Pickering Squash Club family. Markus Templer passed away on Sunday June 12th. Markus inherited a genetic heart defect that affected him throughout his life. Although the cause of death is yet to be determined, it is expected that the cause was heart failure.

Markus grew up on the singles courts of Pickering. He was an elite player for many years. His parents were very active in the Pickering Squash Club. His mother, Victoria, served on the Club executive and was honoured by The Club in 1999 being awarded the Chris Doona Trophy for exceptional service to The Club.

Markus is survived by his mother, Vitoria, his two sisters, Faylyne and Angela, and brother, Felix.

His many friends in the Pickering Squash Club send their condolences to Victoria, and her family in this difficult time.

The Club Is Back In Full Swing

As of Tuesday March 1st, capacity restrictions have been lifted and the Squash Club can resume regular programming. Masks are still required when you are not actually playing squash. Social distancing is highly recommended and you should be fully vaccinated to participate in club activities and events. Club facility renovations are nearing completion and we should have access to the locker rooms R.S.N. (Real Soon Now!)

As of February 28th, the House Leagues (both Singles and Doubles) for the Winter/Spring Season have started. Singles House League is running on Monday evenings. Doubles House Leagues are running Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Inter-Club Singles Squash Leagues have started. You can find info regarding the Toronto & District Men’s Squash League HERE. You can find information about the Toronto & District Women’s Squash League HERE.

Our Women’s “A” Team and Women’s “B” Team have started the season quite well. Check out the Womens T&D Standings HERE.

The Men’s teams are also doing well.
The Men’s T&D Division 3 Standings are HERE.
The Men’s T&D Division 4 Standings are HERE.

Watch the website for information on upcoming events at the Club. The Executive is hard at work planning a great Winter and Spring Season on the courts.

For further information on activities at the club, drop an e-mail to :
Membership (at) .