2024 Shin-Dig Tournament Draw and Rules

Dear Participants,

Welcome to the highly anticipated Shin-dog Doubles Squash Tournament!

Below you will find your time for your first round match, which begins for everyone on Wednesday. Each participant has been assigned a partner for the duration of the tournament. Everyone will play a minimum of 3 matches over 4 days (Wed.-Sat).  Draw sheets are posted by the doubles courts so you can have a look. 

Please be on time for your match as it will be a tight schedule.  If you cannot make your match, please see the sub list below, ask a friend to fill in for you or ask another player at a similar level to play.  Do your very best to find your own sub!   

Shin-Dig Rules

* Games are best of 5
* First game – score starts at zero/zero
* Second game – losing team starts with 3 points and the serve!!
* Third game – losing team from second game gets 3 point handicap and
the serve (ie; 6/0 or 0/0)
* Etc. etc.

Wednesday Draw

Game 1

Steve D & Darryl S
Wed. 6:30 PM
Dayan & Jackie

Game 2

Savio & Naveen
Wed. 5:30 PM
Winston & Caryn R

Game 3

Devon & Gurjit
Wed. 7:15 PM
Anderson & David S

Game 4

Alison & Sunil
Wed. 8:00 PM
Roger & Raj

Game 5

Celine & Dan
Wed. 7:15 PM
Terry & Ashwin

Game 6

Dom & Carol
Wed. 8:00 PM
Kitt & Jason P

Game 7

Jonathan & Sorin
Wed. 5:30 PM
Vince & John K

Game 8

Sara-Jane & Nav
Wed. 6:30 PM
Sameer & Max


  • Jim
  • Wayne
  • Hazel