So long and Thank You

The Pickering Squash Club has had a presence on the web for over 17 years. For that time, I have functioned as the WebMaster, along with my other duties in various roles on the Executive Committee. I have been an active member of the club since it’s inception in 1985 and have served on the Executive more years than I care to count.

There comes a time when one must step back from their duties even though they have been enjoyable. Today is the day that I step back from the position of WebMaster.

A much younger member of the club has stepped up to take my place. She has a background in Web content production and web development with marketing agencies, small businesses and individuals. She is competent in WordPress, which our web runs under. As well, she is extremely enthusiastic about taking our web platform to a new level.

In the few short years that she has been a member of the club, she has become an excellent squash play and represents The Club in InterClub play.

Please join with me in welcoming Jackie Ferrier as our new WebMaster and Director of Communications.

Terry Bruce