2022 Food Bank Golf Tournament Participants

Here are the wonderful people who participated in the 2022 St. Paul’s on the Hill / Pickering Squash Club Golf Tournament. With your participation this year, we were able to turn over $14,000 to the Food Bank to help those less fortunate.

Congratulations to John-Paul, Lewis, Michael and Owen who won this years tournament.
Here are the “Most Honest Golfers” Roger, Savio, Al and Jonathan.
Andy, Pavel, Jenna and Ben.
Bob, Hilary, Bill and Don.
Gord, John, Bill and Lindsay
Brian, Dave, Ed and Norm.
Brian, Jay, Jeff and John.
Howard, Katherine, Brian and Chris.
Chris, Scott, Lenn and Jack.
Maurice, Wilberth, Claude and Blair.
The Copperworks Gang
Dave, Gord and Terry
Del, Ken and Ron
Denise, Greg Peter and Stephen
Don, John, Leo and Bob
Dom, Steve, Martin and Fred
Howie, Russ and Gerry
Doug, Greg, Doug and Gabor
The Grey’s Landscaping Gang.
James, Chris, Brian and Jayson
Jim, Dave, Ian and George
doug, Stacy, Yvonne and John
John, Kate, Veronica and Jim
Marc, Louie, Peter and Bill
Chris, Charmaine, Mary and Joe
Matt, Scott, Connor and Shawn
Pat, Andrew, Joel and Bob
Lorne, Sara, Janice and James
Scott, Joe, Wayne and Richard
Mike, Steve, Mike and Steve The SCM Group
Tony, Chris, Brian and Pat
Tyler, Dylan, Karrie and Ryan
Wayne, Moe, Dave and Neil

Mark your Calendars for Next years tournament on Thursday, July 20, 2023