Singles House League

Singles House League

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the 2019 Fall Monday Night House League!

The league will start on Monday Sept. 23th.  We have some changes to our house league format this season so please take a few minutes to read the new house league rules and guidelines.  Hopefully these changes will reduce the impact of late shows and no shows on players.

1.  All players must be a member of the Pickering Squash Club as well as the Pickering Recreation Complex.  Please fill out the Pickering Squash Club membership form attached and e-transfer your $40 fee and/or bring the form along with a cheque on the first night of house league if you have not yet paid this season.  All players MUST pay their Squash Club fee before your first house league match or you will not be able to participate.

2.  All players have been placed on our on-line gametime ladder  PRC.GAMETIME.NET Please go in and take a peek because the ladder is now officially open and I encourage you all to schedule some challenge matches (especially if you don’t agree with where I have placed you on the ladder 🤔).

3.   Each week, I will be sending out the match schedule on Sunday evening by approx. 9pm.  Your scheduled time each week will typically remain the same but please be sure to double check your time each week in case there is a small time change due to ladder ranking movement.  I have listed each player and your match time below so everyone has an idea of what time they will play the first week so you can plan accordingly.    

4. If you cannot make your match on any given Monday, you need to let me know before I send out the match schedule for that week.  If you send me a quick email and let me know you won’t be available for your next house league match, I won’t schedule you a match and there will be no default penalty.  If you can’t make your match and fail to let me know before I send out the schedule (Sunday by 9pm), you will default your match (on the ladder) and your scheduled opponent will automatically move up (you will move down one position).  I will be sure to get your opponent a match on Monday when they show up! Bottom line: Send me an email before Sunday at 9pm if you cannot play your next house league match!!

5. All house league match scores should be entered into the gametime challenge ladder – this is the responsibility of the winning player to enter the scores!!  This is a super easy process especially if you bookmark the gametime site on your phone!  

6.  I will be scheduling the weekly matches based on the ladder rankings.  If you want to move up to the next level, keep challenging up so that your overall ranking improves!  

With everyone’s cooperation this will be a very successful house league season!

You will receive an email on Sunday Sept. 22nd – with your opponent and match time.  Please let me know before 9pm on Sunday Sept. 22nd if you can’t make your match on the 24th!!

See everyone on the courts and don’t forget to check our club website for all upcoming events at PickeringSquash.Club

Nicole Pirko